Research and Design

Research and Design is done in San Diego, CA.  There are multiple designs and models that are being worked on at any given time by The Mongoose BikeBoard™ Group.We have many designs incorporated into our patent.
  They range from the first introduced "teardrop" shape, a single-bar Freestyle, and even a Chopper triangle design.  We are also working on the folding and motorized versions.  We had friends of the company make a gas powered unit, which initiated our first electric design, now under development.

The R&D department continues to push the envelope to allow the largest number of fellow riders to enjoy their Mongoose BikeBoards™ in the environments they prefer.  We have placed pictures of upcoming models or prototype units around the web site for you to see.  We are always interested in hearing what you think about these prototypes, it might even inspire you to suggest a model you think would be cool, like the off-road version.

Please drop us a note with your ideas!

Bike Board Research and Design

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