VeloCite Mongoose BikeBoard™ 24V

Mongoose BikeBoard™ Legend Model

The VeloCite 24V is designed as the ultimate fun transportation toy.

The Mongoose BikeBoard™ gives the instant feeling of carving the wild waves or cutting down a snow-covered mountain. It doesn't matter if you are new to the Mongoose BikeBoard™ and Boarding Sports or a seasoned pro, the VeloCite Mongoose BikeBoard™ offers all who ride it a new and exciting mode of transportation and sport.

This Mongoose BikeBoard™ has been designed for years of fun!


  • Frame: Custom tubular electric Mongoose BikeBoard™ frame with 10” halo
  • Wheel: 20" 28 steel spoke polished chrome rim with 24V, 250 Watt sealed electric hub motor
  • Tire: 20' pneumatic front tire
  • Brake: Front V type brake 5. Neck: Polished billet aluminum neck clamp with heavy duty Allen keyed bolt
  • Handle Bar: Chrome plated Cruiser type or Black steel 22mm Tube, 2 bar reinforced BMX style
  • 24V 10 amp Hr thin lead acid battery. Up to 45 minute run time with speeds up to 12 MPH
  • Controller brain, Smart fuel converter, Smart battery charger
  • Key switch on/off
  • Variable speed twist throttle
  • Power cut sensing brake lever


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