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The Mongoose Gromitz BikeBoard™

Mongoose BikeBoard™ Gromitz Model

The Gromitz is designed for younger kids with big aspirations.  This Mongoose BikeBoard™ has the same high durability design as his bigger brothers.
The Gromitz model is perfect for kids aged 4 to 8.  Look at Noah (aged 5) in our video clip, he's really showing some serious carves after riding the Mongoose BikeBoard™ for about 30 minutes.

The Gromitz helps in the overall development of balancing skills that are helpful in many sports and essential to all board sports. When it is time to graduate to the larger Original model, you will be an experienced Mongoose BikeBoard™ rider and have a head start mastering other board sports!  Many younger kids that are unable to ride a skateboard or two-wheel bicycle can ride The Original Mongoose BikeBoard™.


  • Custom tubular Junior BikeBoard™ frame with 10” halo
  • 14" 28 steel spoke polished chrome rim
  • Adjustable hand pull front brake lever
  • 22" long , layered “mini” wood skateboard with no-slip-grip tape
  • 5.5" wide king pin style polished aluminum truck
  • Custom colored polyurethane super duty skate wheel
  • Custom metallic multi layer baked enamel paint with clear gloss coating

Mongoose BikeBoard™ Gromitz Model

 Gromitz Photos
MBB Gromitz Slide Show
 BikeBoard™ Video
Watch Brian Conley with 4 other riders in this exciting clip...

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