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The Mongoose BikeBoard™ Group is pleased to announce the signing of Mongoose BikeBoard™ Brian Conley jumping in his hometown Del Mar Brian Conley to be a spokesman for The Original Mongoose BikeBoard™.  Brian is a Professional Surfer/Athlete and Mongoose BikeBoard™ rider.  He has been covered by every major Surfing publication.  Brian has had many cover shots as he traveled around the world in search of the BIG waves.

Currently Brian is preparing a road trip throughout Mainland Mexico.  He travels in his custom Ford named "The Hurricane Hunter".

The Hunter is a completely self-contained surf access vehicle built to handle the harsh realities of Baja and beyond.
 Stay tuned for picturers of Brian on both the Original Mongoose BikeBoard™  and surfboard.

The chase is on...
Mot Dyob

So here I am lurking in the shadows spying on a group of surfers working feverously to get Brian Conley's rig, the Hurricane Hunter, ready to fulfill its purpose .  You always hear people naming their rigs like Petunia, Bruiser, or Krawler, but how often does that name actually describe what they really do?  Well, lucky for Brian and his friends, this name fits perfectly. The Hurricane Hunter will carry Brian Conley and friends to Colima, Mexico to catch what is expected to be the best waves of the year.  For this first leg of the trip, they needed to pack 5 people, 15 boards, inflatable boat, motor, camera and video gear along with food, water, and gear for the 5 adventurers.  Watch for the full story covered in Surfing Magazine later this year.  We got a glimpse of Russ and Hagen with Surfing Magazine, Donaldson from Dark horse Productions, and fellow surfer Adam "Biff" D'Esposito, with mana, jumping in on this first leg, an almost non-stop, 26 hour journey down to Colima.  This will be Brian's first stop of the trip that is expected to continue on all the way down into Central America in search of the secret places and waves that legends are made of.  Watch for more updates on the progress of Brian's trip searching for the perfect waves.

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