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Mongoose Adds BikeBoards to Product Line

MADISON, Wis., February 18, 2005 -- Mongoose Bicycles is pleased to announce a partnership with The Original BikeBoard Company of Encinitas, California, which will license the Mongoose brand for use with its BikeBoard products.

The BikeBoard combines two of the most exciting action sports products – a bicycle and a skateboard, creating a vehicle that is unique, fun, simple and safe. The BikeBoard offers the stability of a bicycle and the instant maneuverability of a skateboard.

The front of the BikeBoard has the handlebars, stem, fork and wheel of a BMX bike. Instead of the saddle and rear tire of a bicycle, however, the BikeBoard has a seven-layer wood skateboard deck and 70mm polyurethane skateboard wheels.

The Mongoose BikeBoard is available in three models: the Legend BikeBoard; the ProStreet BikeBoard for advanced riders; and the Gromitz, for juniors.

Each Mongoose BikeBoard is equipped with a custom tubular frame with a 10” halo, a heavy duty cruiser style fork, a hand operated front brake, heavy duty steel handlebars, ABEC 5 Super Glide wheel bearings and custom metallic multi layer baked enamel paint with clear gloss coating.

The Legend and ProStreet Mongoose BikeBoard models each have a 20” front tire and seven-inch alloy trucks for the rear skateboard wheels, whereas the Gromitz model has a 14” front tire and 5.5” alloy trucks for smaller riders.

New models are coming soon and MongooseBikeBoard.com will launch in 2005.

Mongoose has been setting trends and popularizing the sport of BMX since the dawn of the sport’s inception. Mongoose has grown into an exciting and progressive brand, challenging its bicycle industry competitors for the top position. After 30 years it continues to grow and prosper with more than 40 models of BMX, trail, freestyle, jumping, mountain and road bikes. The Mongoose line of products also includes skateboards, scooters, inline skates and bicycle parts and accessories. Check Mongoose.com for the latest information on Mongoose athletes, products and news.

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