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     Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
     Brian Conley
     Dylan Richardson
     Luke Rife
     Mason Hartman
     Noah Richardson

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Our riders have been instrumental in our research and development efforts.  They have been riding these BikeBoards and sharing their findings and excitement with the team.  On these pages you will find some background information on Brian Conley, Dylan Richardson, Luke Rife, Mason Hartman and Noah Richardson.

If you know somebody that you would like to recommend to be featured on our other riders pages, please do so by using the suggest a rider feature!

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Mongoose BikeBoard™, main rider   Brian Conley Mongoose BikeBoard™, main rider

Dylan Richardson Mongoose BikeBoard™, main rider   Luke Rife Mongoose BikeBoard™, main rider

Mason Hartman Mongoose BikeBoard™, main rider   Noah Richardson Mongoose BikeBoard™, main rider 

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