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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is everything on the Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ custom to your product?
A: No, that is the beauty of the Mongoose BikeBoard™.  The key is the frame and how the rake and angles are combined.  You can take standard Skateboard or 20 inch bicycle parts and customize your Mongoose BikeBoard™.

Q: What kind of skate wheels works the best?
A: That really depends on where and how you ride your Mongoose BikeBoard™.  The softer the wheel the better it grips but also the faster it wears out.  A bigger wheel will usually get more speed but less action.  We generally prefer to use long board wheels.

Q: My Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ back wheels seemed a little slow at first.
A: The bearings will generally roll better after they break in.  This can take up to a week depending upon the use of the Mongoose BikeBoard™.

Q: Do I ride my Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ as a bike or a skateboard?
A: Either way!  You can use the positive steer of the bike or the lean turn of the skateboard.

Q: Are there going to be Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ contests?
A: As we plan for the future, there will definitely be local or regional contests.  We are also working on a program to reward the top photos that are submitted.  The prizes will be awarded for best tricks and best customizations.

Q: Do all skate parks allow the BikeBoard?
A: Probably not.  Some parks are for certain platforms only, but we have had great success at the parks so far.  We have even been classified to ride bike or skate sessions. We are also allowed to ride the pool at some parks.

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