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The Mongoose BikeBoard™ Group (TMBBG) was formed in 2003 and the task to bring this new Board platform to market was started. There were many things that needed to be done:  establishment of  high volume manufacturing, safety and agency testing, new models and distribution.  As all of this was happening, The Mongoose BikeBoard™ Group introduced the Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ to professional riders of other board sports and the general public.  Our thoughts were correct.  The Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ was an instant hit with everyone who rode it.  From children that could not even see over the handlebars to current Board Sports professionals and all the way up to adults into their 60's, they all said one thing: 'COOL, This is great, where do I get one?!'.

Now it is your turn to experience the new craze:  BikeBoarding!

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